Thanks to the ConnectKey technology, the Xerox devices are henceforth closer to your business. It is about bringing together Hardware, Software and Services to offer customers the right solution for their current and future business requirements.

The ConnectKey technology transforms your multifunction device from basic hardware that adds minimal value to an integral player the information ecosystem of your organisation.

It improves productivity by automating common tasks and integrating with workflows for end users.

The security features are literally industry firsts – Xerox have partnered with McAfee to provide new levels of security out of the box for every ConnectKey enabled MFP –guarding your printers and the information that passes through them with similar security software you trust for your PCs, in addition to other industry standard features you’d expect such as disk encryption and protocol compliance.

The Xerox MFP are equipped with the ConnectKey technology that have “ready to use” apps facilitating processes and making collaboration between users even more efficient.

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Xerox Easy translator

Gives you the opportunity of an instant translation in more than 40 languages and in over 20 standard formats directly from an MFP scanned page. Different translation precision levels are available depending on your needs (internal documents, official or very specific content documents, contracts, etc.)

Xerox App studio

Offers a personalized user interface enabling a better synchronisation with each company’s own processes. You can also elaborate apps that meet particular workflow requirements.


The new Xerox I series renders mobile workers more productive thanks to Cloud printing solutions. Employees and visitors can now easily print from any mobile device connected to an MFP through a simple email address without any IT support required. QR code identification can also be used to pair a mobile device up with an MFP.

The connection between the mobile device and the MFD can also be established with a QR code. Scans and prints are then achievable smoothly from connected mobiles devices.

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