Reimagining work for a flexible world

Flexible work models are here to stay. With your people working in multiple locations
and with a multitude of document formats, how do you keep it all smooth, secure, connected, and productive?
Simple. Bring the power to overcome everyday workflow challenges to all of your devices. Anywhere.

Introducing XEROX® Workflow Central platform

Solve everyday workflow challenges.
Instead of going to work, work comes to you — from multiple places and in a variety of formats.Different languages, file types, or lack of time don’t have to slow you down. Now, your teams can always have the right tools for the job with an ever-expanding suite of cloud-based, single, and multi-step combination workflows that are ready to work hard, anytime, anywhere.

Transform physical and digital files instantly, and enjoy one-platform consistency for seamless productivity across computers, mobile devices, and multifunction
printers (MFPs). Switch between locations, devices, and formats without missing a beat. Meet process needs on the fly with secure, always-on, 24/7 access.

Our ever-evolving library of workflows makes it simple to:

Workflow Central - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Change documents into audio files for easy listening whenever, wherever.

Workflow Central - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Automatically redact Personal Identifiable Information using set words or phrases.

Workflow Central - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Convert PDF or image files to popular Microsoft formats for shareability with a wider audience.

Workflow Central - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Turn handwriting into legible, editable, and shareable text.

Workflow Central - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Create a smaller, summarized file that’s easier to digest.

Workflow Central - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Translate to/from over 40 different languages.

Workflow Central - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Merge up to 5 different files to create a new, single master file.

Bring document conversion to all your devices. Anywhere

Here’s an overview of how you can instantly transform physical and digital files into usable formats. This is just the beginning of what’s possible — imagine what you could do.

1.Select your physical or digital file.

Including handwritten notes, photos, or a PDF

2.Set your digitization path.

  • Scan, upload, pull from the cloud, drag and drop, or capture
  • Select just the pages you need or upload multiple files

3.Define your workflow.

  • Select individual workflows or get more done at once with combination workflows
  • Download and save interim files within combination workflows

4.Choose your output.

Email, download, print, route to cloud repositories, and add security measures to protect content

Why Xerox® Workflow Central platform:

Paper or digital, we make it easy to convert documents, photos, and image files from any device.

  • 24/7 cloud connection — home, office, or on the go.
  • Subscription-based with instant access to a library of single andmulti-step combination workflows.
  • Accessible from any Xerox® Multifunction Printer, as well as mobile devices and computers.
  • Select the level and monthly or yearly page-based subscription that’s best suited for your business. Various options are available, all with unlimited users and unlimited devices.
  • It’s easy to renew and upgrade as your needs and work evolve.

Get more out of every workday, wherever work happens.

Learn more and see how to try it out at