Document management

For several years we have seen an explosion in the volume and form of electronic documents: scanning of original papers, dematerialisation of certain processes, but also increasing numbers of native electronic documents (invoices, payslips, e-mails, etc).

The need to access information is a decisive criterion for the competitiveness of the company. However, the time for searching documents is often an underestimated difficulty. The regulatory environment is evolving and becoming more complex, internal and external standards and audits are continually on the increase, existing archives are often not very accessible and require substantial and expensive storage space. The information contained in documents thus represents an asset for companies, but it has to be noted that it is often poorly or badly managed.

Stakes for your company

The stakes of archiving or the absence of well thought-out and effective archiving correspond to the need to control the legal, logistical, security, technical and financial risks. In summary, what are the consequences of not finding a document that it has produced at a given point in its operations when it needs to communicate or reuse them.

The fact that certain documents are sensitive for your company today and that they only exist or circulate in digital form makes the question of electronic archiving inescapable.

A methodology centered on your specific case

Once this analysis of what already exists has been done, we offer you a methodology centered on your specific case. A specific archiving plan is defined according to your objectives and constraints.

D&O Partners is one of the rare players on the market that is able to combine the following professionally:

– The integration of printing equipment (printers, scanners and multifunction printers)
– Connection to your existing computer systems (accounts, ERP, etc)
– Deployment of a tailor-made archiving system according to the existing workflows

Our solutions are based on the integration of these three elements.