There are many benefits of scanning and its applications are almost as diverse. There is software to be installed on your scanners that will considerably enhance their capabilities. Combined with content management software, you will be able to save your scans on your server according to a tree structure and an automatic index.

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The management of your paper archives on a digital medium in complete security.

The information contained in the archives stored in our companies represents an asset that is poorly or badly managed. With the explosion of the volume and forms of electronic documents, access to information is becoming a determinant criterion in the competitiveness of companies.

Whether it comes to document searches, risks linked to storage and the problem of dedicated space or even just the monumental task of scanning, archiving solutions are often very expensive for companies . DO does all the steps for you to digitise your archives: collection, preparation, scanning, indexation, the destruction of your documents, and this up to 8 pallets per day and all delivered on a computer medium.


Lastly exploit the information contained in your documents!

We offer an easy solution to convert different documents into electronic information ready to be sent to your business processes (CRM, ERP, accounts, etc). Thanks to the data extracted during the scanning of the document, it is possible to process all the information separately and to send it to your daily data processing programs.

For example, you can scan a letter or invoice and send it directly to a folder for archiving, to your accounting software, or even search for data contained in the scanned document.