Service Premium

Make your printer disappear into your work environment

At D&O Partners it is possible, a printer that fits completely within your work environment.
We provide a unique printer tailored to your needs and requirements. Interested in exclusive wrap?

Large stock of second hand devices

Every machine come either from our customers or from our showroom. So we know all their history.

When the machines arrive in our stock, and after a data reset, a Xerox engineer checks it completely to certify that everything is up and running perfectly. If the device needs a spare part, it will be fixed before being delivered.

The machines are under maintenance contract, so all the supplies (except staples and paper) and technical interventions (parts and labor) are included in your package.

A formula for all

As soon as the solution that best corresponds to your needs has been found, DO can offer you different financing formulas that are precisely geared to your business.

Thanks to our reliable financial partners, our completely flexible tailor-made solutions take account of your investment plans, tax strategies and your budgetary constraints.

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